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Take your communications to a whole new level with Panasonic VoIP. Our collabortaive technologies combine voicemail, email, instant messaging, and fax to help you maintain your competitive edge. With multisite networking you can create virual teams across network sites. You will be able to share call distribution, centralized messaging, and conferencing efficiently. 

Get visual control of calls and messaging from a PC with the Panasonic Communications Assistant. Have access to all employees regardless of their locations with One Look. You will be able to manage up to 16 sites and 1000 users with just a single server. 

Simplified Conferencing

Integration with Microsoft Outlook

Integration with 3rd party apps

Designed on SIP Platform

Customize apps to your company

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Panasonic VoIP
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Total Comm Of Tulsa can help you get unlimited connection options to fit your budget with Panasonic VoIP. From IP phones to SIP phones, decked portable phones, digital phones, IP conferencing phones and mobile devices. We are helping you to enginieer a better solution for business communications. 

With Panasonic’s Smart Hybrid System you can support both legacy and IP systems. This system can be adopted in remote offices when combined with IP Proprietary Phones. Perform maintence simply over the web without having to learn new operations. Get smooth communication even in noisy environments AND use your smart phone as your office phone with an extension to use both inside and outside. 

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