IT Security

What Your Business Should Be Doing For IT Security Measure

There is always change happening with technology, that isn’t news to anyone. It may be small changes and sometimes, its big changes. And either way, it seems to happen if you blink. And that can make it challenging for a business’ IT department to make sure all is safe and secure.

Whether you have a small, medium, or huge company, here are some suggested IT security practices that will help secure your company data:

Password Policy: Implement and Enforce It

Passwords take just a few minutes of your time but are essential in saving you a lot of problems. Your IT policy needs to have specific outlines for password requirements, and they should be strongly enforced with the employees.

Business password requirements should include the following:

  • Eight characters

  • Lower and uppercase alpha, numeric, and special characters

  • A unique password not used anywhere else

  • Changed every 90 days

  • Not to be shared with anyone

Screen Lock: Set At Automatic

A workstation left unattended makes for vulnerability. The use of automatic screen lock will ensure that any devices left idle aren’t visible for prying eyes. It is recommended that all devices and workstations screens are automatically locked after being inactive for 10 minutes. Using this for idle webpages is another safety measure.

Tracking: Install Equipment

It is important to keep track of all devices owned by the company. Why? Because they all contain company information and client data. From the servers and workstations to the mobile devices and thumb drives, including your backup/replication systems and especially the cloud locations. Mobile device access should be limited only to individuals that require that access. Implement inventory tags for keeping track of all company-owned devices.

Electronic Files: Security

When secure files are sent and received, a company should use tools that keep them safe and secure by automatically scan them for sensitive data. Educate all personnel in using the portal, encrypted email, and implement automatic encryptions when possible.

Privileges: Minimize Administrator Use

The more people that can use local administrator credentials, the more danger of your company’s system is exposed. Minimizing the number of people that are given admin rights will lessen the possibility of security threats and network infection. Change workstations frequently of those with Admin access and keep them separated from general accounts.

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