Cyber Attacks

Stop Cyber Attacks From The Inside

Security threats change daily. As a business owner, do you know if your employees are armed and ready to fight them? While the first line of defense is a strong IT system and team, your employees are the next line of defense.

As much as 95% of all breaches are caused by humans according to a recent study by IBM. Hackers exploit the users more often than they will the system to access information of a company. And your employees – nor you – won’t know its happening.

Employee Training

You need to make sure your employees – and your client’s employees – have all the tools they need to protect against cyber-attacks. And this begins by educating them and not just by issuing emails alerts. This means to have ongoing training that engages everyone, especially on the most recent topics.

The boring meetings of security awareness and steps aren’t enough. You need to provide training that will engage the staff and it should be presented in a memorable way. If the training is fun to hear, watch and requires participation, it will have the most impact. Fun, cartoon-like videos have been found to be one of the best ways to get the attention of those in attendance and created a memorable experience for them. Smaller groups are better than the whole company at once.

Go Over It Again

Then, reiterate this training with hand-outs after each session. And do re-fresher sessions every three to four months. Updating that training as new security alerts and issues come to light, even if it means a refresher session sooner than the planned three to four months.

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