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When It Comes To A Business Phone System: One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Your business isn’t like any other business, even those in the same industry when it comes to daily operations. You may have an awesome mobile workforce or maybe your business operates in an office environment. Either way, your business is unique to itself and your phone system should match it, meaning one size does not fit all.

If you are shopping for a new phone system, you need to be sure you are getting one that fits your business now and will grow with your company.. Here, we offer you suggestions in getting the phone system that is just right for it:


First, you need to compare the phone system you have today with the requirements you have for operating. Ask yourself, what is needed from the phone system? Is your current system meeting those needs? What do you need the new system to do that the existing system isn’t getting done?

Find a telecom provider that will sit down and discuss these things with you along with the business objectives and future growth. This discussion should include how many people in the company will need phone access, if phone conferencing is used and in how many rooms/offices phone service is needed.


Choosing the right phone system is tough. Is the traditional IP phone sufficient or should you go with an advanced IP softphone? For a workforce that is more mobile than office-bound, IP softphones would be the better choice.

But you need to get a firsthand demo with different systems to see what they offer when it comes to features and functionality. Voice technology is constantly changing and upgrading an existing system can be overwhelming. A good telecom provider will provide demonstrations that show the many features and functionalities so that you are informed when making your decision.


Now that you have your requirements analyzed and you have the firsthand demo, it is time to determine what unique solution will match your unique situation. Your telecom provider should offer you a solution that is customized to meet your company’s specific needs and requirements.


Once you have completed all of this, you and your telecom provider need to sit down and review the details. They should provide a proposal that covers all the discussions of features, needs, services, and the equipment needed to make it happen. The process of purchasing a business phone system is often intimidating, but that doesn’t have to be the norm. And with the right telecom provider, it won’t be. Call Total Comm today. 

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